Customer order terms and conditions


  1. Subject of the contract

Contract   – means the contract between the Supplier and the Client formed by acceptance by the Supplier of the Client’s order pursuant to these terms and conditions;

1.1. Supplier/ Seller – SIA Holm Baltic, registration no. 40103471128, legal address: Etnas street 6-10, Riga and actual address: Kr. Barona iela 45/47, Riga, LV-1050; phone number 26826266, e-mail address:, in accordance with these terms and conditions, Supplier offers and sells the product to the Buyer;

1.2. Customer / Buyer – a person who orders on the website and is the recipient of the ordered Goods. The Customer uses his purchased goods for his own personal needs, for the needs of his family members and relatives or for other purposes. The person certifies that he is legally competent and entitled to order.

Website – pages or a related group of pages linked together using the hypertext transfer protocol (http);

1.3.The Seller is unilaterally entitled to amend terms and conditions of the Agreement. The Terms of the contract applies immediately when the order is placed on a website by the buyer.

1.4.When making an order, the Buyer confirms that he is familiar with this Agreement and the terms and conditions contained therein, The Buyer understands them and fully agrees to them. The Buyer undertakes to confirm the terms of the Agreement at each purchase. The buyer is not entitled to order goods, if not familiar with the terms of the contract.

  1. Ordering goods

2.1. To be able to order the goods on the website, the buyer needs to indicate his name, telephone number and e-mail address; by providing information about itself, the Buyer gives the Seller the right to select, accumulate, systematize and use all information and data provided by the Buyer directly or indirectly as the Personal Data Manager.

2.2. The personal data provided by the buyer will be processed in compliance with the regulation of the Republic of Latvia, which regulates the process and protection of personal data. When processing and storing Buyer’s personal data, the Seller will use organizational and technical means to ensure the protection of personal data from accidental detection, alteration or other unlawful processing of data.

2.3. The Buyer’s personal data will be used to identify the Buyer when selling and delivering goods, issuing accounting documents, repaying the overpayment amount and money for the Goods returned by the Buyer, administering the debt, sending the necessary information for performance of the order, performing other obligations arising from the Contract. Buyer’s personal data may be processed for direct marketing purposes only with the consent of the Buyer.

2.4. Personal data provided by the Buyer will be used only by the Seller and its partners with whom the Seller cooperates in the execution of the order, delivery of the goods and other services related to the Customer’s order execution. The Seller confirms that Customer’s personal data will not be disclosed to other third parties, except in the cases specified by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

2.5. The customer’s personal data will be kept for as long as the customer does not request deletion.

2.6. By placing an order with the Supplier, the Client hereby accepts these Terms and Conditions.

  1. The price of the goods and payment arrangements

3.1. The prices of goods on the website are indicated in EUR (incl. VAT). The Product is sold to the Buyer at the price that is valid on the website when the order is made;

3.2. The buyer will pay for the goods when the order will be received.

  1. Delivery of goods

4.1. When ordering a product, we offer to choose one of the following Riga delivery points: in Kr. Barona Street 45/47, at Spice, Swedbanka, Rupniecibas Street, Cesu street, Alfa. The supplier informs Client in good timing about any changes of delivery time and place.

4.2. Seller delivers the Goods at the place indicated by the Buyer;

4.3. The Seller will take care that the Buyer’s order will be fully execute. The seller has the right to not deliver or deliver a smaller quantity of goods by informing the purchaser thereof;

4.4. If the delivery of the goods is not possible due to the Buyer’s fault or due to the circumstances of the Buyer (the Buyer has indicated the wrong place, the Buyer or the person indicated on the order is not located at the indicated address, etc.), the Seller’s obligations are deemed fulfilled, the Seller has the right to refuse further delivery options, and the Buyer should come to the Seller Store and receive the Goods.

4.5. Immediately upon receipt of the Goods, the Buyer checks the conformity of the delivered Goods with the ordered Goods and the quantity ordered, as well as the quality of the goods received. If the Buyer determines that the consignment does not have the correct quantity of goods, the goods supplied are inappropriate or the goods are of inadequate quality, the Buyer must inform immediately the Seller or within two days after receiving goods. The Client notify the Seller and describe the discrepancy found by adding a JPG file with visible defect by sending an e-mail to Seller’s e-mail at or by calling 26826266. The seller checks the conditions specified in the notice within 1 working day of receiving the e-mail and communicates with the Buyer to find a solution to the situation.

  1. Rights and obligations of the parties.

5.1. The seller undertakes:

5.1.1. Deliver the goods to the Customer without delay and without any errors and make sure that the buyer’s receipt the good at corrects place and time;

5.1.2. Provide complete information about the Product;

5.1.3. Inform (electronically) the Buyer about any changes in the order fulfillment conditions, product out of stock or delivery changes;

5.1.4. To examine the Buyer’s claims in connection with the Product, the order completion deadlines or quality within a reasonable time period by giving the Buyer his or her substantive response;

6.1.5. Personal information specified in the Buyer’s order, used in connection with billing, execution of the order, and inform about future delivery days, offers, competitions, etc.

5.2. Seller has the right:

5.2.1. In the event of uncertainty regarding the receipt of the order, contact the Buyer by telephone to clarify the information specified in the order about the selected Product or the Buyer;

5.2.2. Not accept claims for non-conformity of the Product, if the Product has the visual and / or technical damage caused by the Buyer’s fault and which limits the further sale of the Product

5.2.3. The Seller is entitled to unilaterally change the content of this Agreement, without violating the requirements of the existing regulatory enactments. This condition does not apply to orders that are in the execution process. The changes take effect from the moment of publication on this website.

5.2.4. The Seller has the right to send an advertisement and informative notice to the Customer. If the Client does not want to receive from the Seller such content notifications, Client can send notification by e-mail at the following address:

5.3. The buyer undertakes:

5.3.1. Filling the order, customer should provide true and accurate information about the selected Goods and yourself, so that the Seller can fulfill his obligations in full, in the event of uncertainty, by electronic or telephone contacting the Seller after consultation; pay the Goods in accordance with the price of the Goods specified in the order;

5.3.3. Received the Product within the delivery time specified in the order.

5.3.4. The buyer is obligated to assess the visual condition of the package at the time of delivery and, if the package is damaged, not to accept the item.

5.4. The buyer has the right:

5.4.1. Pick up the Product according to the order, and cancel the order 3 days before the actual delivery.

  1. Dispute settlement procedure.

Any disputes and disputes that may arise or arise between the Parties during the execution of this Agreement will be settled by the Parties through mutual talks. If no agreement is reached, the matter will be referred to the court in accordance with the law of the Republic of Latvia.

  1. Other provisions

7.1. Seller and Buyer are not liable for damage caused by unforeseen and (force majeure), including fires, floods, or other independent third parties – warfare, strikes or other riots.