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Hereford company was founded in the spring of 2006. It started its business activity with 24 Hereford pure-bred heifers and one breeding bull from Denmark based on our own farm,

The herd has now grown to 200+, which are highly appreciated and sought after, both in the Latvian and international markets as pure-bred Hereford livestock. In total, we manage 742 ha of agricultural land and are self-sufficient in providing the food supply for our herd. The farm has had an organic farm status since 2008 and we are still employing the same methods in our work. We have implemented 3 projects in cooperation with LAD and ELFLA, purchasing new equipment and a cattle shed.


About the farm: 

We selected the Hereford breed right from the start 10 years ago. This choice was determined by several factors, but the main thing was that the Hereford is the most popular breed in the world, thanks to the unique quality and characteristic taste of the meat. Hereford beef has more fat lines, reminiscent of marble, and this makes the meet unbelievably delicious.

The animals are born and spend their whole lives in a natural and clean environment in the Lubāna district of Vidzeme .Unlike the cattle on conventional farms, these animals live in a natural, stress-free environment. We believe that meat from happy animals definitely tastes better.

We prepare all the feed required by our cattle – grass, hay, and grain. We do this to control the quality of the feed and to be sure that our animals receive 100% natural feed. We buy ONLY certified organic minerals that are produced in Latvia.
The pastures where our cattle graze and grasslands from where we obtain grass, hay and silage are full of various wild plants, grasses, and flowers. Such a diversity of plant feed also provides the unique taste of the meat.
We only serve meat we can trace throughout offering the best services and options.